Our primary business is office space where we use the ProTeam back pack vacuums that remove all contaminates in the air and in your carpet. We also use microfiber dusting 
tools that grab dust on blinds and on all hard surfaces throughout your office to give your office a clean space to be in for most of your day.


Showrooms need to look their best and floors that shine is important in any showroom or retail location. Glass windows and doors free of finger prints from heavy traffic areas and hallway floors that are inviting with lobby’s that are clean and tidy. Baseboards and window sills free of dust, chairs and tables clean of ink marks and stains.  


Customers choose fitness centers for many reasons and having a place to work out that smells fresh and clean is a big factor. Scrubbing down locker rooms, disinfecting lockers, showers, floors, tile, steam & sauna rooms and restrooms is very important and we know it. We also clean equipment that is used heavily on a daily basis and wipe down these areas so that they are germ free.  


Shared common areas, laundry facilities, gyms, pool areas, club houses, theatre are all common areas shared by many property management companies and we can handle all your needs and work flexible hours that work best for you. 


Hospital grade disinfectants are what we use to clean all surfaces that people come in contact with like doors, water fountains, door handles, counters, sinks and equipment. We also use multi-colored microfiber flat mops and cloths in different areas of your facility so that we don’t cross contaminate. 


Large churches can be multi-use facilities, offering the community a wide range of services throughout the week and need to be cleaned sometimes after each event. Offering music lessons, dance lessons to volleyball and pot lucks there are a large range of different needs from the traditional Sunday service. We can clean and disinfect your kitchens, strip and wax your floors and hallways and keep your place of worship spotless. 


Schools have a variety of needs that sometimes include day porters and maintenance throughout the school year.  We often trade monthly services for doing strip/seal and carpet cleaning twice a year to keep your school looking crisp and clean throughout the school year. 


Not only can we clean your offices, but we can keep you OSHA compliant by treating your assembly floors with anti-static finish and buffing and burnishing them to keep them strong and resilient.  

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